Wednesday, March 9, 2011

✿Dolly Wardrobe✿

Price calculations

CNY101-300/1.30=RM xxx + local skynet charge
CNY301-600/1.40=RM xxx + local skynet charge
CNY601 and above /1.50= RM xxx + local skynet charge

shopping channels



3) Dolly wardrobe


1) Close @ 17th March 2011

**For babes who place order over CNY100 and above, we will arrange immediate shipment for you all.

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  1. i dnt understand the for example how much would it be for a cny60 would be including the courier service charge?

    because i think if its 100 something divided to 1.30 then plus courier service charge then it would be more almost the same as the cny price which 100 something...shouldnt taobao stuff be cheaper?regardless the courier charge